Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 124

Man, what a crazy week! I have been working a lot extra (which I have no problem with), so that has not left me much time for exercise. I have been VERY good about eating though.

Everyday for lunch I eat a salad with lots of veggies on it. It usually consists of carrots, broccoli, hard boiled egg, cucumbers, sometimes celery, a little bit of cheese, and since I don't like whole tomatoes, I put salsa on it. Then I top it with some ranch.

I am going to start taking the stairs down to the cafe instead of the elevator. I work on the 4th floor, so its not like its asking a lot of me. Plus, it gives me just that little bit of exercise. Good idea, no?

Well, there are exactly 24 weeks until our rehearsal dinner. Seems like plenty of time, but there is so much I want to accomplish from now until then. It sounds like it is time to get a move on with it all. :)

I hope everyone has an excellent Friday!!!

Take care until next time,

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