Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 92

Yes, that is right, I said it... Day 92.

Wow, long time no blog. Well, I survived finals and I am now officially a college graduate. :) I can not believe it. :) :) :)

On the other hand, finals has found me completely losing touch with the weight loss thing. I have NO idea how much I weigh, but I know for sure that it is more than the last time I weighed in. That is okay though. I am okay with that.

From now until the wedding I will actually have time to exercise! I am super determined to get in shape now. I intend on going for a run in the morning. We will see how the day goes from there.

Have you found yourself losing focus on weight loss?

Take care until next time,

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 73

I have been SO good the past two days! You all would be proud.

Last night I did 30 day shred. I did level one, but I REALLY pushed myself the whole time. Next time I do it, I will do level two.

Then, today, I went for a combination run/walk. I don't have the endurance to run too far yet, so mixed it up with a little walking too. It was a 30 minute run/walk so I am pleased. I just figured that that is a good way to tone my legs (my BIGGEST problem area).

So far today, I have eaten:

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs (just the egg whites)
Mini Wheats (dry, about 3/4 of a serving)
Snack: Orange
Lunch: TBD
Dinner: TBD

I intend on staying on this healthy path. I am determined to get these last few pounds off! :) I can feel my legs tightening as we speak. WOOHOOO!

How are you maintaining your motivation?

Take care until next time,

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 72

I found this website which I think provides some interesting insight on Fast Food. It is baddddd y'all. I know we all know this, but it definitely helps to see the numbers to realize how bad it is. Take a look...

Stayyyy awayyy :)

Take care until next time,

Day 72

Quick Post:
I weighed myself this morning and I have managed to get back to 138.5!!!!!!


ANDDD I have not had a single soda since lent started. Maybe that is why the lbs are comin off! :)

Take care until next time,