Saturday, January 3, 2009

10 reasons to lose 10+

Sam at On My Way to Being a Healthy Bride tagged me with this one. This is a great tag given that my whole blog is based on the concept of weightloss.

List the 10 reasons why you are losing weight
Tag 5 other
Be sure to post these rules on your post
Be sure to link the blog that tagged you
See, simple, right?

My reasons for losing 10 pounds + a whole lot more are:

1. I want to feel comfortable wearing a bikini on my honeymoon.
2. I want to walk up and down flights of stairs without feeling out of breath.
3. I want to feel beautiful on my wedding day.
4. I want to have enough energy for my honeymoon and wedding night... if you know what I mean ;)
5. I want to enjoy shopping with my besties and my FSIL. It seems like all of my friends are size 2's. It is not fun shopping for cute skirts and jeans knowing that your friends would be swimming in your clothes.
6. I want to make sure that I will be around for my children.
7. I don't want to be that parent that couldn't run around doing sports with their kids. That parent that had to sit on the sidelines. I want to be right in the middle of the action.
8. I want to be able to run a marathon with my Future In-Laws some day. Yes, they run marathons, and I can barely run to the fridge. haha.
9. I want to feel beautiful in my own skin. I don't want to have to worry about people staring at my cellulite.
10. And most important of all, I want to be healthy. I want to feel healthy inside and out. This will happen guys.

Ok, let me hear your reasons! I tag all of you. I don't want to hear from just 5 of you. I think it is important for all of us to be reminded of why we are doing what we are doing.

Take care until next time,

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samiam4eva06 said...

I love your number 8.. it made me laugh. I think those are all GREAT reason to loose weight! I can totally relate to you on the wedding ones too... I can't wait til the big day, but I can at the same time! I want to make sure I'm ready and feeling my best. Right? and i just noticed you lost 12 lbs already!!!!! GOOD JOB!

Amber said...

I liked your idea of listing 10 reasons to lose 10 lbs. I think I am going to do that over on my blog. I know I wasn't really tagged by you, but I think it is a great idea...and it's very motivational! Thanks! I like your blog! Keep up the great work!