Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 33

Today I have hit yet another stumbling block. It seems like once I get on a roll, something happens that pushes me two steps back.

Today I was supposed to be doing my Week 2 Day 1 of the hundred pushup challenge. I started with my first set and all of a sudden I got a shooting pain in my lower left abdomen. It hurt so bad that I literally could not do anymore. So then I thought that I could at least do the pushups from my knees. I did my first set with mild pain (14 pushups). Then I did my second set with a little more pain (14 pushups). Then on the third set, it was too much.

I have no idea what happened. The other day when I was doing the tucked v-ups I felt a very mild pain in my lower left abdomen, but I just thought that I was working muscles that I haven't worked in a long time. It seems like it has only gotten worse since then.

Since I couldn't do my push-ups, I though that maybe I could do some sit-ups so at least get some kind of work out. I couldn't even do one without the pain being intolerable.

I am hoping that maybe I just overworked it. I am going to give myself a small break so I can heal. Hopefully I will be able to find exercises that I can do in the meantime. I want to see the 130's SO bad. I know it won't happen without my body being healthy.

I hope you guys aren't working your bodies too hard. Remember that our muscles need time to repair themselves after a hard workout.

Keep up the hard work.

Take care until next time,

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Good Gals Inc said...

I can sometimes push myself too far as well. Especially when I was training for my last marathon. So take some well deserved time off!!!