Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 19

Wow, I just kicked my own ass.

[Insert picture of Jim Carrey smashing his own face in a toilet seat here]

The weights that I got for Christmas have rubber handles that allow me to slip the weights on my feet, etc. I put a 3lb weight on each foot and did all kinds of legs exercises. It got to the point where my legs were shaking from getting so much of a workout. My legs are definitely my problem area, so this felt phenomenal.

I didn't weigh myself this morning. I will do it soon. I am just enjoying feeling healthier.

On another note, I had to walk up this BRUTAL hill to get to one of my classes today and OH MY GOD. My legs were burning. I think that is what motivated my leg workout today. I shouldn't feel that worn out from just going up a hill.

I don't have class tomorrow, so I am going to get a MAJOR workout in. I'm considering going for a good run. I am prone to shin splints (an ongoing injury) so I get nervous about running, but I always feel good after a nice run.

Tonight I went to Olive Garden and just had unlimited salad and breadsticks. I only had one breadstick and two small plates of salad. I was STUFFED after that though. I think my stomach is shrinking! YAY!

I hope you all are doing well. Keep up all the hard work!!!!

Take care until next time,

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