Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 60

I stumbled across this article on weight loss tips for women. As we have all been witness to, losing the weight that we want to lose is tough. I am always up for advice that can make my job a little bit easier.

These are exercises for women who want to lose weight FAST! The original article can be found here.

"1.) Interval Training.

Interval training is basically a cardio workout performed in stages and is undoubtedly one of the best exercises for women looking to lose weight fast. If your chosen form of cardio is jogging for instance, instead of your usual 45 minute jog you would utilize short bursts of higher intensity work in between moments of low intensity - essentially you are working out in intervals. This form of training has been shown to be extremely effective at burning fat, more so than traditional long and slow cardio workouts and can be done in half the time, your average interval workout lasting only 25 minutes!

2.) Resistance Training.

For some women the thought of adding weights into their fitness routine brings images of the Incredible Hulk to their minds. If you are worried about using weights exercises for women then please don't - women have great difficulty putting on significant amounts of muscle mass even when using drugs so when you are on a calorie restricted weight loss routine you have absolutely no chance. Using weight will simply tone and shape your figure and may even help you burn more fat!

3.) Yoga.

Yoga helps to tone the body in a uniformed manner, will increase your flexibility and may well help you lose weight. Some of the yoga asanas stimulate sluggish glands to increase the amount of hormones they secrete, one example of these glands is the thyroid which affects our metabolism and our weight. The deep breathing that is performed during yoga sessions helps oxygen uptake into the body and fat cells which makes for more efficient fat burning making yoga one of the very best exercises for women.

4.) Pilates.

Whilst we are on the subject of great exercises for women we must not forget pilates. Pilates exercises works your core muscles - those responsible for balance and posture around your midriff which when strengthened will stabilize your body and help protect the spine. And pilates isn't just for balance and posture - it is also great for burning calories and you may well be surprised at the end of your first session just how worn out you feel.

Well there you have it, 4 superb fat burning exercises for women which will see your weight loss go from strength to strength. Integrate these into your own fitness routines and you will lose more weight, more quickly than you thought possible. But don't stop there, check out these superb exercises for women tips which when combined with these 4 great exercises will maximize your fat burning results."

I would DEFINITELY have to agree with their tips on interval training. I have found that interval training keeps the body surprised. When your body gets used to one particular exercise you do not get the same kind of workout. Mixing it up is key. The best way to mix it up is to do interval training!

I hope that these were able to help you as much as they helped me. :)

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